How can you get involved in the mission at LNBC? First, take time to pray. 

“Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” Matthew 6:10

God invites us to participate in his mission through prayer. 

  • Ask him to build his kingdom in Lake Norman. 
  • Ask him to accomplish his will in our church. 
  • Ask him to show you where to plug in.


If you’re willing to pray for Lake Norman, add your name to the 4LKN Prayer InitiativeWe’ll send you occasional updates on our strategic plan along with specific prayer needs related to our mission & vision. You can also share your specific prayers for LKN in the PRAYER REQUEST box below.


I pray the hearts of our congregation will be open to receive and act on God's guidance in the coming weeks and months.


Martha Hammer (Davids mother) and her family/ caretakers; as she closes in on the end of her life, please pray for peace in her heart and those around her.


Unsaved family members, Safe travel for friend, Cynthia, Protection for Mary, Angie and I as we embark on our neighborhood evangelism project.


That I would be quicker to listen, slower to speak and slower to anger (more patient) especially in dealing with my 94 year old weak and often difficult mother who lives with us. Thank you!❤️🙏


Praying for the future of this wonderful church, that the Lord will continue to lead us through this time of healing, connection and purpose. And that we will be a faithful church in this LKN community where people can come to know the Lord better and see the light in all of us. May we all love one another humbly, show grace where we can genuinely extend it and share the love of Jesus to those we encounter along the way.