To be loving followers of Jesus Christ, who worship God

serve others, and make disciples of all nations.


KNOW  //  We value Biblical Truth …

… because we believe the Bible is the inerrant and infallible communication of God to us and submit to it as our authority. It instructs us to live a lifestyle of worship of God alone by walking closely with Him in all three persons of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, living faithfully before Him and offering our full selves as a living sacrifice to Him through spiritual disciplines including daily prayer and study of His Word. We apply God’s Word to our lives with a goal of fully displaying the fruit of the Spirit in our thoughts, words and actions. We believe in the living power of the Word of God to change lives and therefore pledge to teach the full counsel of Scripture so that all who may hear will come to know the saving grace of Jesus Christ and obey His teaching. We further believe in the reality of spiritual warfare and rely on the truth of God’s Word as our weapon to combat Satan’s influences on issues such as abortion, racial prejudice and injustice that bring corruption in our world.

GROW  //  We value Spiritual Growth …

… because we believe that every person who has received God’s gift of salvation through Jesus Christ is called to develop in Christian maturity and that it is the unique responsibility of the Church to encourage, aid and lead in this development. It is through this process, which is called sanctification, that men, women, children and families are strengthened, equipped and held accountable toward becoming fully functioning disciples of Jesus Christ who carry out His Great Commission. We believe that we have a biblical mandate as a church and as individuals to make disciples who make disciples.

GO  //  We value Missional Community…

… because we believe in lovingly investing in the lives of those within our local fellowship of believers as well as those outside of our fellowship but within the local reach of our church’s ministries. By walking through life with one another, sharing our experiences, joys and sorrows together, we become the picture of loving unity for which Christ prayed toward the end of His earthly ministry. We are committed to extending compassion and care to meet the physical and spiritual needs of those inside and outside of our fellowship locally, including access to our church and its resources. Further, we believe in engaging in and supporting Missions efforts around the globe through approaches that are culturally relevant and always doctrinally pure. We specifically make intentional efforts to be increasingly representative as a church body of the ethnic diversity found in the communities in which we live and minister.

GIVE  //  We value Generous Stewardship…

… because we believe each follower of Jesus Christ is charged to be a faithful steward of their time, talents and treasures that are to be generously given in service to and for the benefit of others and by this we show ourselves to be His disciples. This includes understanding and using their spiritual gifts, life experiences and unique skills, and financial resources for furthering the spread of the Gospel. This also includes the responsibility of the church to strive for excellence in its stewarding of financial and human resources by embracing concepts such as competency, accountability, intensity, critical review and evaluation all to the glory of God.

the Heart of LNBC  


our thoughts on racial reconciliation

Every human being at the moment of conception is created in the image of God. This means that all lives have immeasurable value and are deserving of protection and of celebration as part of the perfect creative expression of the Father.

Scripture’s command to love others compels all followers of Jesus Christ to uphold such value.  While there are many applications of this for the children of God as His ambassadors in this fallen world, one such item that continues to be a source of great division in both our country and the Church is that of ethnic and racial reconciliation. It is on this item there is much to be said and upon which our church desires to give some specific guidance at this time.   

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Image: Christianity Today by Rick Szuecs / Source image: Delmaine Donson / Getty